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"We feel extremely blessed to have the wound care nurse “Guru”.  Extremely knowledgeable. More wound care credentials than any medical professional that I have run across, in any area! Very kind, and gentle, explained everything to myself, and my 93 yr old Dad. He was slower to heal with his advanced age, than most. Kari was doing everything possible, and his wound is now 100% healed. I appreciate all her many visits, advice with quick response.  I am proud to share that my Dad is one of the small number of remaining living World War ll Veterans. He is also the longest working Pharmacist in Oklahoma... 67 years! He retired at 90.5 yrs of age! Still drove himself 30 miles round trip. He was also the manager of the Veterans Pharmacy. Thank God for Nurse Kari!"

Becky Wade, on behalf of her father

Don Self

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