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Wound Care


What is a Wound Clinic?

Many types of wounds require specialized care to properly heal. We are here to help.


Common types of wounds include:

  • Pressure injuries

  • Surgical wounds

  • Traumatic wounds

  • Diabetic foot ulcer

  • Venous leg ulcers

  • Arterial ulcers 


You may have a non-healing wound if it:

  • Has not started to heal in 2 weeks

  • Has not completely healed in 6 weeks

The Wound Care Team

The wound care team will provide weekly wound assessments, various treatments and recommendations until the wound heals.


Your team may include:

  • Advanced Practice Providers

  • Nurses

  • All our providers and clinicians are specially trained in wound care and hold a wound care certification.


Treatment Goals

  • Healing the wound

  • Preventing recurring infections

  • Maintaining patient independence

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